Get Pumped With ANGEL VIVALDI’s New Playthrough of “Adrenaline”


Angel Vivaldi’s latest record, Synapse (2017) takes the listener on a unique musical journey through the realm of human emotions. Specifically, which chemicals cause the different feelings we experience. It’s all pretty dang neat, and the dude even repainted his studio 9 different times to correspond with each song as he was writing and recording for the record. Talk about dedication to the craft! And to help showcase the album, Angel just released this guitar playthrough for the opening track “Adrenaline” (featuring Julian Cifuentes), and it’s sure to get you going in the best possible way. Kick it!

In true Angel Vivaldi fashion, “Adrenaline” is loaded with shreddy guitar passages, soaring lead lines, and tons of energetic drumming. The song also features the incredibly talented Julian Cifuentes rocking a sick-as-balls guitar solo around the 1:30 mark, so hold onto your socks. All in all, let’s just say that the track is very, very appropriately titled.

You can buy/stream Synapse on Bandcamp, and even get the tabs for the whole thing through Sheet Happens Publishing! Be sure to also follow Angel on Facebook and Twitter so he can continue to make you feel inferior about your playing.

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