Andy James Is “In The Fading Light” in EMG’s Well-Lit Studio

Is it just me or is every new EMG endorser playing 57/66 pickups? That’s how I can tell EMG have a winner on their hands. Sometimes you can’t be sure if a new piece of gear is just appealing to you personally or if it has broad marketability, but in this case it seems to be the latter.


Andy James plays the 7-string variation, the aptly titled 57-7H and 66-7H, in this playthrough courtesy of EMG TV.  And by the way, that rackmount amplifier that he’s playing through, the one on top of the Engl cab? That’s a DV Mark Multiamp. I’ve never seen one in the US before. Nice to see something other than an Axe-FX or Kemper in the amp modelling category.

So here’s Andy playing his song “In The Fading Light.”

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