ALUKAH: Bang Your Head And To This Live And Brutal Full-Band Playthrough of “Aversion”


Death metal act Alukah have been doing big things as of late. The Maryland-based 5-piece just released their debut album Defining Torment via Legend Recordings, have announced a tour in February supporting Soulfly, Kataklysm, and Incite (check the dates below), and have now just released this live full-band playthrough for their song “Aversion”! *whew* Did we miss anything? That’s right, these dudes have put out this live band recording of the track from their most recent album, only right here, on Gear Gods!

I feel like there’s sometimes this weird pressure in the metal world to write songs that do X and have Y amount of variation in them, but sometimes it’s perfectly fine (and preferable) to have a sound that knows what it is and is committed to delivering a feeling, and that is exactly what Alukah accomplish with “Aversion”. The track is consistently heavy, dialed in, and the dudes kill it in this live video. The performance is as tight as can be and the tune slams hard, which is a win-win for any devout death metal fan.

You can get Defining Torment digitally here and physical copies here. Be sure to check these dudes out on tour, as well as their official music video for “Deprivation” below.

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