Alterbeast Want to Show Off Some “Flesh Bound Text”

If you live on the east coast of North America, and above the Mason-Dixon line, then you’ve been frozen solid for the last couple months and are badly in need of all the hellfire that a dark tome can bring. Alterbeast have got you covered, though, with a “Flesh Bound Text”…not to be confused with a “Fleshbound Text” which would be an SMS message that you plan to get a tattoo of.


But in this case we’re talking about a guitar playthorough from Alterbeast’s debut record, Immortal. There’s enough shredding to decimate at least 10-20 heads of lettuce (and we’re talking romaine here, not that iceberg bullshit), so you may want to keep your hands at a safe distance unless you can move them as fast as these blazing gents.

You can procure Immortal at Alterbeast’s Bandcamp page, where the band has made a couple tracks available for free (including this one).

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