ALLUVIAL Guitarist KEITH MERROW Infectiously Jams the Track “Lila” Through a Peavey Invective Amp


Keith Merrow is a man of many riffs. It seems like almost every day the guy makes some new piece of juicy tuneage for the world to hear. Well, today Keith is killing two birds with one stone, as he’s put together a pretty sweet demo of the Invective Amp from Peavey Amplification, as well as a playthrough for the track “Lila” by his band Alluvial (involving the other guitar legend in the group, Wes Hauch). Check it out for yourself!

In the demo, Keith, of course, shreds through the track with ease, showcasing his and Wes’ brooding chord changes and unearthly harmonies. Towards the back half of the video, Keith demonstrates just the guitar parts for the tune as well, which are going through the different channels on the Peavey Invective. In fact, all the guitar parts of the song were reamped through the Invective, so you get to hear the tracks both in a full mix and isolated for reference. Mr. Merrow, you’ve done it again.

Be sure to get at Keith’s other sweet demos on his YouTube channel, as well as the Alluvial Facebook page for maximum guitar goodness.

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