ADRENALINE MOB – Shredder Mike Orlando Plays Through “Lords of Thunder”


Adrenaline Mob’s a supergroup that originally formed in 2011 with Mike Orlando, vocalist Russell Allen (Symphony X), and Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater). Though Portnoy’s no longer with the band, A-Mob have still been crackin’ along, having just released a new record – We the People – last month. If you’re into straight-up, no frills hard rock/metal these guys fit the bill nicely.

You can catch guitarist Mike Orlando playing through “Lords of Thunder” from the album above. Between you and me, there’s some pretty ridiculous licks starting around 2:50. For more from Adrenaline Mob, check out their site here.

And please keep them, their family, and friends in your thoughts. Unfortunately, members of the band and crew were involved in a devastating traffic accident recently. I’m sure everyone in their camp is still reeling from the effects, and I’m wishing nothing but the best for these folks.

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