ABSENT HEARTS Soar Far And Wide With This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough For “The Bird”

Cinematic post-rock outfit Absent Hearts have been quite busy as of late. The Perth/Kirkby-based duo initially started out as a solo venture from guitarist and composer Scott Kay (Voyager/Statues), but eventually evolved with the inclusion of vocalist Dan Tompkins (ex-TesseracT). With an upcoming instrumental EP entitled The Peak about to drop early next year, the group has just put out this new single “The Bird”, with this exclusive multi-angle guitar playthrough by none other than Scott himself. Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Explaining the inspirations behind this new single further, Scott had this to say:

“This is the first of four tracks from this new EP, and is an homage to both the first live show I ever played with Absent Hearts, and to the sensation of freedom and joy one feels when exploring the world outside. I wanted to showcase the guitar layering in a playthrough video, which creates a lot of the atmosphere you hear on the track.”

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the name “The Bird” might be the most fitting title for this track. A great blend of melodies, pushing drums, and an overall uplifting aesthetic all come together to form a song that would fit right at home soaring above the clouds. In the playthrough, Scott uses a Maton JB-4 Fretless bass, Fender Telecaster and Ernie Ball Strings which all help him achieve this warm sound. 

Be sure to check out Absent Hearts on Facebook, as well as Scott’s other ventures Voyager and StatuesAbsent Hearts will be performing at The Aardvark, Fremantle on December 20th with Greeves, September Sun & King Kodo, so be sure to get your tickets for that here.

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