Across the pond lies one of London’s best-kept secrets, a little death metal act by the name of Abhorrent Decimation. The 5-piece group have been going at it hard since 2013, and guitarist Ross “Lenny” McLennan has just released this playthrough of their track “Host” off their album The Pardoner (via Prosthetic Records), which features his beautiful custom Carillion Guitars Enigma 7! Best prepare yourselves.

In addition to the playthrough, McLennan has also recently become a Carillion Guitars endorsed artist, which means you’ll be seeing him sporting a lot more amazing guitars in future performances. The video itself is a great example of the band’s progression from their last release and is some top-tier tech death from a pretty damn young band. Stunning production, super clean guitar work, and a punchy mix are all things this song has going for it, and we’re excited to see where the industry takes these chaps over the next few months!

McLennan’s Enigma 7 specs are as follows:

  • Set neck construction
  • 26.5″ scale length
  • Flamed burl Maple top
  • Alder body
  • 9 piece flamed Maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard, bound in Ebony
  • Schaller Hannes bridge
  • Gotoh SGS510 tuners
  • Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pickups
  • Polyester lacquered / Plasma burst

Be sure to follow Abhorrent Decimation on Facebook and Instagram, as well as to check out their merch on their website. And don’t forget to stay up with what Carillion Guitars are doing on their website, Facebook, and Instagram as well.

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