66SAMUS and Pals Cover Children of Bodom’s “Needled 24/7”


Decrepit Birth drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and online sensation 66Samus is back again with another cover, this time doing Children of Bodom’s “Needled 24/7”. But this time, he’s got PALS, son. Along for the Bodom-ish ride is Garret Peters on guitar, and Gear Gods’ very own Alex Nasla on keys! Every does and absolute killer job here (those solos rip me to pieces), and it’s always great to see all of our internet pals doing super cool stuff like this.

66Samus is no stranger ’round these parts, but if you’re unfamiliar, his content is top shelf shit. Check it out on his YouTube channel. While you’re at it, be a good person for once and check out Samus’ band Decrepit Birth on Facebook.

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