THE USER LIVES – “Valkyr” Exclusive Charlie Charpentier Guitar Playthrough

In any genre or musical style, there are always standout artists that don’t just blindly regurgitate the tropes of their peers. They’re able to belong in a group of bands enough to be classified, but still have a sound all their own.


In modern progressive metal, it’s a task and a half even just keeping up with all the amazing players out there, so when you can do that AND do something new, well, it’s time to start paying attention – to The User Lives!

Lucky for you, if you haven’t heard or see Charlie Charpentier play some of The User Lives material, we have an exclusive playthrough video just for you, via the Hollowed Records YouTube channel. Their first single Valkyr (click to buy the song download, Guitar Pro tab, and lyric sheet for just $1!) is a tour de force of intricate guitar riffs and well crafted melodies. So hurry up and hit play below to see him destroy that Strandberg with extreme prejudice!

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