11-Year-Old Covers Yngwie, Gives 0 Fucks

Watch this kid crush some Yngwie before that guitar crushes him. I personally think this is the perfect music for this kid and his bullshit-less attitude, since by all accounts the Swede himself confidently swaggered out of his mother’s vagina and played some Paganini on his freshly severed umbilical cord. The kind of confidence this kid has is the kind you need to be a panty-melting rockstar, and it can’t be taught. Sure, I may have been playing since before his parents even went on their first date, much less birthed this miniature proto-god, but I’ll never be able to perfect that IDGAF look on his face as he pummels this punishingly difficult piece.


For contrast, watch this 11-year old rip on the recorder.

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  • Well…. I used to think I was a pretty solid player but thanks for making me hate my life Metal Injection.

  • That kid can fuckin’ play!

  • great kid…

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