TONE FOR CHANGE: KHDK Electronics Design “Skatedeck” Fuzz Pedal for Game-Changing NGO SKATEISTAN

KHDK ELECTRONICS has teamed up with the SKATEISTAN charity under TONE FOR CHANGE to create a truly unique fuzz pedal. SKATEISTAN is an award-winning NGO working throughout Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South-Africa to support vulnerable children in education through skating.


Each pedal is made with a deck from SKATEISTAN, so each pedal is as truly unique as the child that used it to shred.

KHDK ELECTRONICS is responsible for pedals such as Gary Holt’s Paranormal and Kirk Hammett’s Ghoul Screamer, so you know the quality of this piece is top-notch.

You can purchase the pedal and read more on the unique properties here on Reverb. They’re on a limited run, so get them while you can!

Read up on SKATEISTAN here; you can support them without purchasing the pedal through their website. You can follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here, and YouTube here. I really encourage you to check out their videos, the change and impact that the organization is having on young peoples lives is incredible.

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