Have you been searching for an effects pedal that’ll really eff the fuck up out of your sound? Do you long to have multiple harmonized versions of your sound that are warped beyond recognition in the most wonderful of ways? You may be in luck, because EarthQuaker Devices have just released a brand new modulation pedal: the D͟҉A҉̥̻̗͈̪T̸̶̛̛̀A̢͠҉̶̶  C̵̯̘̲̻͛̇ͯ̏̓̾̒̿̀O̴̭R̨͟R̶̨͈̤̦̥͋̌͌͂́͛̑̿͘Ū̬̏ͦ̒̋͟͟P̵͚̖̜̫̥̹͚̅̐̆͑̊͐͑́͜͞T̸̶̛̛̀Ê̵̦̼͚̘͖͎̤͚͙̒͐̅̈́͠R̞! [[error code 04567223000]] (that’s the joke, don’t worry).

In its entirety, the Data Corrupter is really a three-voice Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer, and features some pretty neat contols such as the Master Oscillator, Frequency Modulator, and Subharmonic function. As the EarthQuaker Devices staff has put it, the pedal takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is then multiplied, divided, and modulated”. The Master Oscillator changes the frequency range and tracking response of the input, and then synthesizes and harmonizes it via one of eight Master Oscillator programs. The Frequency Modulator then gives the sound some nice pitch-bend modulation, as well as a few different effects from the “Glide” and “Vibrato” mods. Finally, the Subharmonic control throws the previous sounds you’ve acquired deep into the multi-octave chaos of the pedal. Pretty gnarly stuff, right?

The pedal is also true bypass, and includes features like an all-analog signal path and silent relay-based switching, for maximum goodness. Since the dawn of computers, data has been getting corrupted left and right, and now you too can insert a little corruption right into your guitar tone!

The Data Corrupter is currently available worldwide for $225 smackaroos. To get your hands on one of these ʙ̳̬̩̘̜͓͎̌̌ͭe̤͈̥a̸̯̲̲̠̬̱̟u̘̮ṱ̱i̖̘͓̖̰͜e̢̪̼̺͖ͦ̀s̠̞̪͓̜̊̐ͫ̀̃ͯ͂̚, visit EarthQuaker Devices’ website and check their Facebook.

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