DARKGLASS ELECTRONICS Changes the Game with the Alpha·Omicron Bass Pedal


Darkglass is no newcomer to the pedal game. The Finnish bass gear lords have an impressive lineup of products on the market, and an even more impressive list of artists that use their products. Every product has a level of care and functionality that the guys sort of have a handle on what they’re doing, so what else could they get right? The Alpha·Omicron bass pedal is the answer.

This new pedal uses the same distortion engine that their previous Alpha series pedal (the Alpha · Omega) uses, but in a smaller, simpler, and more affordable package. This doesn’t mean that the quality is lost on this thing though. Straight up: this thing is CRUSHES. It immediately nails the classic crunchy bass tone that a lot of metal musicians strive for. The knobs that the pedal have are pretty standard, with the inclusion of the MOD knob that switches between the bright and tight alpha, and the gut punching raw Omega.

The Omicron misses out on the EQ knobs that the Omega has, but all that’s missed is a tiny amount of fine tuning. The Omicron does feature some slight EQ in the form of a ‘Bite’ switch, and a ‘Growl’ switch. The Bite switch boosts the High-Mids for a bit of definition, and Growl saturates those lows. So, there’s nothing lost with this thing. The tones are THERE, my man.

If you’re unfamiliar with Darkglass and their work, do yourself a favor and get over to their website, and check them out. Get low and stay low.

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