That’s right, Gear Gods is officially launching our very own Patreon page! We have been incredibly fortunate to grow the channel in recent years with the help of all of YOU, and now we want to start upping our game to produce even bigger and better content for our viewers. We’ve set up our Patreon page to give our fans a chance to peek behind the scenes and have access to extra content and perks and to help us make the best quality content we can. Of course, none of our regular free content will change, but if you want to become a Gear Gods Enthusiast, Mortal, or even Minor Deity, now’s your chance!

Perks include:

  • Early access to all videos
  • Free downloads of every review demo track
  • Exclusive live streams and behind-the-scenes content
  • Access to our general Discord channels
  • Exclusive giveaways and contests
  • Invitations to meetups
  • Your name in each video’s credits
  • Raw tracks for mixing of any demo songs released that month
  • Any guitar tabs we release
  • Outtakes videos

Head over to our Patreon page here for the full details!

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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