YVETTE YOUNG Taps Her Way Onto EMGtv

We’ve been following Yvette Young for a while now, and I believe what we’re seeing now is the very beginning of a meteoric rise to…. something. Maybe the top of math rock, but I see her going a lot farther than that.


She plays some of the very cleanest two handed hammer-ons you’ll see anywhere, coupled with an amazing sense of rhythm and composition that raise her head and shoulders above the rest.

Her mastery of the guitar is but the tip of a very large iceberg of talent, some of which can be seen here in the first of what is hopefully a bunch of videos of her playing:

Yvette and her band Covet are doing a small tour of California with Chon and Polyphia next month, go see them during July at the following places:

covet tour

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  • why do i even attempt to play guitar

  • Tobin who?

  • Could use some more dynamics. Stays at the same energy level the whole time. She’s very good, though.

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