You Can Own FOO FIGHTERS’ 1990 GRETSCH White Falcon

You can own the 1990 Gretsch White Falcon originally used by Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Pat Smear. The guitar was used by Grohl in the 1997 video for “Monkey Wrench” and by Smear on The Colour and The Shape album, as well as throughout various tours by the band. Some modifications to the guitar include a modified Cadillac tailpiece and actual pillow filling throughout the interior to deaden the sound a little bit.


The guitar also comes with a note from Smear, which reads as follows: “I had to have a White Falcon after seeing the great Matthew Ashman use one with Bow Wow Wow in 1981. The guitar looked amazing but the early ones were super rare and expensive and the ’70s models had all that extra crap like dampeners and stereo switches. When the ’90s reissues came out I could finally get one without worrying about banging around some overpriced museum piece on the road… or so I thought.

“It instantly became one of my favourites, getting special treatment (note the ‘Stays on the bus’ sticker on the case) and was usually the one to pull out to play in hotel rooms and show off to visiting friends. Earnie made modifications while on tour, eventually creating my ultimate Falcon (as seen in the Monkey Wrench video). I played this guitar on several Foo Fighters tours and on The Colour and The Shape album. It was also used by Harlow on their Harlow Land album.”

Check it out here.

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