You Can Buy This Stupid Six Neck Guitar

Have you ever wanted six instruments, but they’re all connected and you pretty much can’t play any of them? Then the Hutchins “The Beast” guitar abomination is for you!


The Beast includes a twelve string guitar, a six string guitar with tremolo, a five string bass, a four string bass, a seven string guitar with tremolo and a six string hardtail guitar all mashed together into one totally useless instrument. The Beast weighs 36.8 pounds too so, even if you could somehow strap it on and walk around with it, your spine will break and you’ll have crippled yourself for a dumb reason.

The fretboards are… actually, who cares. You’re not buying this thing because it’s a tone machine. You’re either buying it because it’s insane or you need an extra wall somewhere in your house. Though I bet if you plug the guitar in and play all six necks at once, a portal to hell opens up immediately.

The Beast is inspired by Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen owning a five neck guitar, and has been called “guitar that should never have been made” by creator Gary Hutchins.

The Beast is currently up for auction with a starting bid of £1,600.

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