WOOVEBOX Puts Synth Power In Your Pocket

Woovebox is a great name for a pocket synthesizer, but it’s certainly a better instrument than it is thing to say.


The Woovebox is a synthesizer, sequencer, and sampler all jammed into one tiny package that’ll fit in your pocket. The synthesizer portion offers 16 part multi-timbral voices with two oscillators and a multi-mode filter per voice, 16 versatile synthesis algorithms, 17 low-aliasing oscillator models with up to 256 user samples, and a bunch of effects.

Then there’s the sequencer portion, which offers 16 tracks, patterns, and steps with the ability to send sync and MIDI to control connected gear. Better yet, there’s also the ability to export songs as WAV including stems both dry and wet.

And then there’s the sampler, which is very much a sampler. The sampler allows you to re-sample internal synthesizer, use live input as an oscillator model, and import digital samples via Bluetooth.

Pre-orders are available here for $249.

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