WILL PUTNEY KEMPER Bundle From STL TONES Will Rock Your Socks Off


New Jersey-based producer Will Putney has worked with some pretty notable metal acts over the years, including bands like Every Time I Die, Gojira, and The Acacia Strain. If you’re a fan of any of the guitar tones on albums from those bands and the like, you might want to sit down because we’ve got some exciting news for you. Alongside STL Tones, Will Putney has teamed up to make his own personal guitar tones available with his all-new Producer Kemper Bundle.

As a whole, the producer series from STL Tones was created with the goal of getting the user as close to the producer’s personal tones as possible, with the additional help of loads of fancy outboard gear, microphones, and mixing tools (among other things). In particular with Will Putney’s Kemper Bundle, the bundle is meant to showcase many of his rhythm guitar recording setups with the use of his go to amp, cab, and pedal setups.

The bundle comes packed with a total of 103 ready-to-go Kemper profiles. As Putney says in the video, the bundle includes not only album-quality guitar tones (76 of them to be exact [holy moly]), but also a bunch of raw and isolated amp tones. These raw tones are meant for being great starting points if the user wants to take them in their own personal direction. Lots of options for all kinds of players, no matter how you want to use the tones.

You can hear samples of a few different guitar tones from Putney on the STL Tones Soundcloud page. Some of our personal favorites include such tones as “Itchy Bitch” and “Big Shrimp” (my nicknames in high school). If this bundle is your dream-come-true, head to the STL website and order yours soon! Pre orders start at only $99 which is a pretty sweet deal with the amount of goodies you get.  Shipping begins first thing on May 19th, so your wait won’t be that excruciating.

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