We Need This MIDI NES Guitar Synth, Please

Love Hultén is an audiovisual artist and woodworker based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. Catbeats is a musician that specializies in “imaginal cozy worlds lofi healing sounds.” The two recently teamed up to make an NES-inspired guitar and we want one real bad.


The guitar comes loaded with YouRock MIDI technology, an NESpoly synth, and a MOOD MKII. There’s no listing for the guitar over on Love Hultén’s website, but Catbeats offered a little insight: “The guitar includes a built-in NESpoly synth, a detachable dome for avatar replacement and a custom strap made from extraterrestrial skin. MIDI out as well of course.”

I mean seriously, if we can just get this thing and the recent Sega keyboard, we’d be an unstoppable force of… making retro video game music? Or making Horse The Band 2: Horse The Band Harder. I’m not sure Horse The Band would approve of that, but whatever.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we might need to go commission this thing. Which I might add you can do right here.

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