WASHBURN Heads Into the Woods With New Deep Forest Acoustic Series

Washburn has packed their bags and headed into the woods, either to never be heard from again or to start taking black metal band photos. Either way, before they’ve departed forever, they’ve introduced us all to their brand new line of acoustic guitars, the Deep Forest series.


Washburn is kicking the series off with their Ebony collection, featuring three new models with Okoume back and sides, a special striped ebony-blend top, and mahogany necks. The models in the series thus far are the Deep Forest D standard dreadnought, the folky and smaller-sized Deep Forest Ebony FE, and the Deep Forest Ebony ACE with its cutaway Auditorium body. Both the FE and ACE feature built-in Barcus-Berry LX4 active electronics systems.

“This series was created to be a platform for Washburn to offer guitarists around the world access to the most interesting and best-sounding exotic woods from around the world,” said Washburn Vice President of Sales James Tsaptsinos. “[I’m] really excited to see all that the Washburn design team will come up with for Deep Forest series.”

The Deep Forest series is available here.

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