WAMPLER Doubles Up on the Distortion With Their Gearbox Overdrive Pedal

Guitarist Andy Wood has teamed up with Wampler for a “best of both worlds”-type pedal, the new Gearbox Overdrive.


The Gearbox Overdrive houses modified versions of both the Wampler Tumnus and Pinnacle circuits, giving players a pretty solid array of overdrive choices. The Gearbox Overdrive features a top-switchable stacking order control, two inputs and outputs, a noise gate, and a sturdy casing. For when you really stomp on it hard.

Channel 1 of the Gearbox Overdrive is based on the Tumnus for some extra grit in your tone, while Channel 2 is based on the Pinnacle and offers that straight up “brown sound” grossness. Using the top-switchable stacking order control, you can control which channel goes first and which is proving some solid tone support.

The Gearbox Overdrive will go for $269.97.

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