WAMPLER Combines Vintage and Modern Overdrive in New Pantheon Deluxe Pedal

Wampler is here to combine classic “Blues Breaker”-style stompbox tones with more modern boutique overdrives in the form of their new Pantheon Deluxe pedal. The Pantheon Deluxe is a dual overdrive pedal featuring two completely independent Pantheon circuits – one voiced as a classic blues breaker and one with a modern sound – over 200 combinations of gain settings, dual Inputs and Outputs, and MIDI channel switching.


More specifically, the Pantheon Deluxe offers independent Gain, Level, Treble, and Bass controls. Plus with the addition of MIDI In and Out, you can now also switch the analog channels of each circuit on and off with a MIDI switcher.

The Pantheon Deluxe is available here for $269.97.

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