WALRUS AUDIO’s New Pedal Has A Joystick

Listen. You can’t play this new Walrus pedal even though it has a joystick. Though can conjure up some pretty gnarly reverb and distortion with it, and that’s what counts.


Enter Walrus‘ new The Melee: Wall of Noise, which uses a joystick to allow you to either run reverb into distortion or the other way around. The Melee can run one of three different reverb programs – Ambient, Octave, and Reverse. In more detail, they are:

  • Ambient Reverb (Pink LED) – Huge reverb capable of massive trails and engulfing your chords into an angry wash of sound. Great for soaring melodic lines or shoegaze-driven chord progressions.
  • Octave Down Reverb (Yellow LED) – Similar to the Dark mode in the Slö, you’ll find an eerie lower octave hovering in the reverb trail for a nice and dark atmospheric touch.
  • Reverse Reverb with Feedback (Blue LED) – Add reversed reverb trails back into your signal, create gentle melodies or push into reverse feedback overload. Big, slow, and sad chords love to hang out here.

Better yet, you can also press and hold the sustain switch to ramp up the reverb trails. The switch works with all three programs. Get it here for $299.

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