WALRUS AUDIO Upgrades Their 385 Overdrive Pedal With A MK II Version

Walrus Audio has reissued their unique 385 Overdrive pedal with a few new features. The 385 Overdrive MKII adds an A/B switch to toggle between two sets of volume and gain knobs, as well as a 385+ switch that slams the front end of the circuit for added high-gain saturation.


For those unaware, the 385 Overdrive was inspired by the Bell and Howell Filmosound 385 projector. As in, an actual projector.

“The 385 was developed to have the same simple but effective tone control as its grandfather,” said Walrus Audio of the pedal. “While the amp stacks bass and treble behind a single knob, our design separates them, allowing for a much wider array of tones to be achieved. The user is able to boost and cut bass and treble, allowing them to be creative with mid-frequency scoops and bumps.

“When we released the 385 Overdrive in 2016, it was quickly adopted by guitar players for the amp-like dynamics you could get at lower gain settings. Soon though, players found that cranking the gain produced a distortion-esque drive that was unique to the 385. To accommodate both setups in a single pedal, we added an A/B switch along with a second set of Volume and Gain knobs that share a single set of tone controls.”

Get the 385 Overdrive here for $249.99.

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