WALRUS AUDIO Offers Six Modulation Effects With New M1 Pedal

Walrus Audio is back with its third pedal this month in the form of the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine. The M1 offers studio-quality Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Rotary, and Filter programs with a wealth of options to really make them into your own unique sound. There’s even a dedicated Lo-Fi knob to really knock your sound down a notch, and probably land you right on a playlist of beats to study/relax to.


There are also the controls for Tune and Tweak, both of which allow for further molding of your sound. Tune offers options for:

  • Tone, which controls the overall tone of your signal passing through the M1.
  • Symmetry, which controls the symmetry of the LFO waveshape modulating your signal with noon being “normal’ or fully symmetric.
  • X, which controls different parameters depending on the selected Program and Type.

And Tweak offers:

  • Shape, which lets you choose sine, triangle, or square LFO wave shapes to modulate your signal.
  • Division, which controls the tap division used by the M1 to set the LFO speed when tapping a tempo. Choose between quarter, eighth, and quarter note triplet.
  • Type, which selects one of three different types for each program on the M1.

The M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine is expected to ship this February and is available here for $349.

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