WALRUS AUDIO Offers Options With Their Eons Five-State Fuzz

If you’re looking for a thunderous tone, you really ought to check out the Eons Five-State Fuzz by Walrus Audio. The Eons Five-State Fuzz offers a voltage knob to change how much power your pedal is putting out, as well as a five-position rotary knob that lets you conjure up one of the five below clipping configurations:

  1. Silicon clipping traditional fuzz that’s well rounded with a huge sound; compressed and smooth.
  2. Silicon clipping with an added bass boost that boosts the low end at the beginning of the circuit; compressed and crunchy.
  3. Germanium clipping with a feel of “what if a distortion and fuzz had a kid?”; crunchy and dynamic.
  4. LED clipping diodes with a slight high-end cut; dynamically dark.
  5. Hard clipping silicon transistors combined with LED and Silicon soft clipping diodes. The rowdiest of the modes with tons of gain: compressed, loud, and angry.

The Eons Five-State Fuzz is available here for $229.

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