WALRUS AUDIO Invades Your Dreams With New Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb

Walrus Audio has expanded upon its Slö pedal with the all-new Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb. The new version features the ability to create and save three presets, and then scroll through them to conjure up your best possible soundscapes.


The Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb offers three different algorithms all controlled by the pedal’s X knob. They are Dark, which adds a lower octave to your reverb trail; Rise, which is an auto-swell reverb for beautiful cinematic swells; and Dream, which is a reverb with a latching pad function. The Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb also brings three different wave shapes to the table for different types of modulation. And finally, the pedal offers both Trails and No Trails mode. In trails mode the reverb decay dies off naturally, while in no trails mode, the decay is abruptly cut off when you turn the pedal off. Long story short, the Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb lets you get as weird (or dark, or beautiful) as you want with your reverb.

The Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb is available here for $229.

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