WALRUS AUDIO Improves Their Distortion With New Iron Horse V3 Pedal

Walrus Audio is back once again to completely distort your day, this time with their new and improved Iron Horse V3 pedal. The Iron Horse V3 is a new take on a classic LM308 distortion circuit with a new blend-style potentiometer knob, allowing players to mesh together higher-compression symmetrical silicon clipping and lower-compression diode clipping.


“Since the Si/LED knob is changing the internal gain and clipping style, the other controls will behave slightly differently as well,” said the company. “You will need to use the volume knob to adjust the overall output up or down depending on where you have the knob set.”

The Iron Horse V3 offers top-mounted jacks, a soft relay true bypass switch, and a fixed volume drop-off when the distortion knob is at its lowest. The pedal is available here for $199.

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