WALRUS AUDIO Gets Weird With Fable Granular Soundscape Generator

Walrus Audio has just released their new Fable Granular Soundscape Generator and it gets weird as hell. The Fable Granular Soundscape Generator offers five granular delay programs all centered around sample and chop algorithms, all of which take your signal and run it through two separate effects in series. Then they’re put back together and voila! Weirdness.


The five programs within the pedal are:

  1. Reverse Delay into Reverse Granular – a reverse delay into a reverse granular algorithm, in which sampled grains are played backwards.
  2. Forward Delay into Octave Up Granular – a forward delay into an octave-up granular program, in which sampled grains are played at double speed.
  3. Analog-Style Delay into Octave Down Granular – a warm, dark analog-style delay into an octave-down granular program, in which sampled grains are played back at half speed.
  4. Multi-Tap Granular into Multi-Tap Granular (Grain-Verb) – two multi-tap granular algorithms in series, in which multiple samples are played back from each granular buffer simultaneously.
  5. Forward Delay into Randomized Pitch Granular – a forward delay into a randomized pitch granular program, in which each grain is played back at a randomly selected speed and direction, varying between pitched up double speed, pitched down half speed, normal speed, plus forward and reversed playback from grain to grain.

Get it here for $299.99.

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