WALRUS AUDIO Drops Stereo Version Of Their Slöer Ambient Pedal

Walrus Audio has taken their classic Slö unit and made it into the stereo-capable Slöer Ambient Reverb.


The new Slöer Ambient Reverb offers two new reverb algorithms (dubbed Light and Rain), two additional modulation wave shapes (Square and Random), and reverb sample rate controls on top of all their usual weirdness you’d expect from the original. That mean the Dream, Dark, and Rise algorithms are still present and ready to go, as are the usual waveshapes that were Sine, Warp and Sink. New controls include a Width toggle switch to determine your stereo width, as well as two sliders for X and Stretch parameters.

“The Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb builds on our popular Slö lineup but adds two additional reverb algorithms, stereo width control, two additional modulation wave shapes, and the ability to control the sample rate,” said Walrus Audio of the pedal. “Now you can create immersive, lush, modulated, sleepy, and ambient soundscapes with more width and depth than ever before.”

The is available here for $349 in both Black and Blue finishes.

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