Voyager Breaking Down their “Breaking Down” Guitar Parts

Do dual-guitarist guitar playthroughs kind of miss the point, especially if there are multiple camera cuts, fade-ins from blur, and other moves the prevent you from seeing the fingers of the gutiarist you’re trying to learn from? Are the point of these even supposed to be instructional anymore, or are they just a form of lower-budget music videos in our world of tightened coin purses?


This Voyager “Breaking Down” playthrough is by no means the worst offender. In fact it’s pretty straight-forward and you can usually see what guitarists Scott Kay and Simone Dow are playing at any given time. But it just got me thinking when the camera jumped from one player to the other. What do you watch these videos for? To figure out the fretwork, to just casually be impressed by some chops, or simply as any eyeball stimulation while you listen to the song?

Voyager’s Kickstarter-funded new album, V, will be released on June 2nd. You can pre-order it at the band’s Bandcamp page.

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Source: Guitar World

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