VOX Drops Hollowbody-Focused Clubman 60 Amp

Vox has unveiled their Vox Clubman 60 amplifier aimed at hollowbody players. The features Nutube, which is a vacuum tube that provides the rich overtones and response of a traditional valve. The Vox Clubman 60 offers two channels, with input 1 being a clean tone and input 2 being perfect for more traditional higher-gain electric guitar tones.


The Vox Clubman 60 features a three-band EQ (or two-band EQ on input 2), a headphone output, line-level output, and an aux input. The Vox Clubman 60 comes loaded with an 8″ speaker and tweeter, as well as reverb and chorus effects.

The Vox Clubman 60 is here for $381.

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