VOX AMPLIFICATION Adds a Dash of Deep South to Classic British Guitar Tones With The New AC15C1-G12C AMP

British guitar amp company Vox Amplification has been preparing for the onslaught of new gear goodies that comes with every NAMM season. The company has just announced the release of their newest limited edition line of AC15 amps: the G12C, which puts a dash of deep South onto an already iconic classic British tone.


According to Vox, the G12C is part of Warehouse’s American Vintage series which lends a unique, American flavor to the iconic British chime of the AC15. The speakers provide a punchy low-end and a distinctively clear top-end that is still dynamic and sensitive. These limited-edition amps also feature a limited vintage-style Tolex covering for a more refined appearance.

Product Manager for Guitar Brands, John Stippell stated:

“A great amplifier design really shines when it’s paired with an equally great speaker. Warehouse Guitar Speakers have done an excellent job over the past few years building quality speakers in the USA. We are proud to partner with them and lend a new voice to one of our most iconic amplifiers”.

You can learn more about the AC15C1-G12C line over on the Vox Amps website.

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