VICTORY Packs 180 Watts of Power Into New V4 The Kraken Tube Pedal Amplifier

Victory Amplification has taken 180 watts of pure power, a two-channel pedal preamp, and all-valve overdrive, and crammed it into the brand new V4 The Kraken pedal. Shockingly the pedal doesn’t weigh 200 pounds given everything that’s inside it.


The V4 can be used straight into the front of your amp or recording interface, or in conjunction with your amp’s FX loop to bypass the front end of your existing amp entirely. The V4 is the first pedal-format guitar preamp to feature four valves and an all-valve signal path, so maybe prepare yourself.

The V4 has a built-in TRS jack, which gives you the option of switching the pedal remotely. You can also control channels 1 and 2 with either a separate two-button latching footswitch or via a modern programmable switching unit, meaning you can pretty much have the pedal off the floor. Then there’s the Bright Switch, which is a global tone control that optimizes the V4 Pedal Preamp for what you’re plugging into.

Oh, and the V4 also offers two ways to connect. There’s Amp Through Mode for full functionality where you can choose to use your amp’s own front end, or Standalone mode to use it as a normal pedal or if you don’t have an effects loop.

The V4 is available here for $499.

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