Vice Herded Together a Pack of the Weirdest Stompboxes

If there’s one area where guitarists just get to have more fun than bassists or drummers, it’s the endless assortment of stompboxes available to them. Sure you can use them with bass, but less is often more when it comes to the marriage of pedals and low end.. And drummers can set up a little splash or bell or maybe some octobans, but it just isn’t the same. There’s just something about a shelf of pedals that makes you want to dive into it, like it’s a pile of leaves, or a vault full of golden coins.


Noisey seems to share this appreciation, and compiled a list of some of the zanier effects pedals out there. Most oddball effects tend to fall into the “terrible sounding distortion,” “wacky pitch shifting,” or “envelope filters that make you want to compose the score to a porno,” and these are no exception. My personal favorite is the ZVex Machine, which distorts the middle of a waveform instead of the peaks and valleys. I can’t imagine a musical situation where I’d actually use it, but if I had to torture someone for information it’d be just the box for the job.

Check out the rest of the list at Noisey.

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  • I’ll go buy all these and send you a photo (with me buying them) just for the pork roll and a ride to Jersey. Just saying…

    • You may be the first person in history to be excited about a trip to Jersey.

  • Nah man, you can use any pedal with bass, heaps of people use parallel signals, or have a blend pedal it’s just about knowing how to blend and how much to mix. :)

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