August Burns Red Drummer Matt Greiner Gets His Own Vic Firth Signature Sticks

Running a site like this one, you can get very wrapped up in gear with a capital “G,” so to speak. You start thinking about side chaining drum tracks so you have s natural snare mic with just minimal EQ and compression but maybe you also have a trigger that you’re squashing the hell out of through a Distressor but maybe you want to high-pass above 100hz and man I’ve got this Pultec EQ that brings out the sizzle in the crack of the snare but it still has so much body because I’ve using a double-ply head with a 2 mil control ring and dry vents so the ring doesn’t become overbearing…


Yeah. You see the dark hole these pursuits can lead you down. So I love Simpsons creator August Bruns Red drummer Matt Greiner geeking out about the simplicity of finely crafted pieces of wood, because he sure as hell as put a lot of thought into it. Vic Firth has released his signature sticks, which are a bit longer than average to compensate for his “short arms.” The taper is also a little longer, and the weight sits in between that of a 5A and a 5B. Finally, the sticks are manufactured with a “dry tumble” technique that leaves them feeling smooth and natural without the lacquer finish.

Drummers, is there an artist whose sticks you use or do you stick to a standard 5A, 5B, or 2A?

*editor’s note: I could have doubled down on the Simpsons joke and called his band Mr. Burns Red, but I decided against it, for professionalism. Excellent.

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