VARG VIKERNES Talks Recording the Burzum Albums; Fixes Chainsaw

Varg’s vlogs are a great insight into how Burzum’s ‘Count Grizsnatch Grishnackh’ spends his day. You know, just doing normal, grown man stuff. He gathers loose firewood, rants about race conspiracy, plays medieval dress-ups and nerds-out on D&D. I imagine that his deranged ramblings will also be useful evidence at his inevitable, future terrorism/siege/manslaughter trial. Sometimes, though, you can simply glean neat pieces of info about OG Black Metal.


As the subject of one of these recent camcorder manifestos, Varg talked about the recording process for the Burzum albums. Some fascinating takeaways:

  • He used a 10w Marshall practice amp on Burzum
  • The guitars on Filosofem were recorded using fuzz pedals plugged into a hi-fi stereo
  • Looped drum parts were used on Belus and Fallen, instead of recording whole drum tracks
  • His last two albums were recorded in GarageBand (the most tr00 of all DAWs)

It is interesting how he incorporated digital recording tools. For an artist that is held in such esteem for having organic, cvlt recordings, he sure doesn’t mind copy/pasting parts. Maybe he’s a progressive kinda guy after all. Even more scandalous though, the drum loop idea came from House music. Hear that, “EDM is crap”, metal nerds? Where’s your messiah now?!

If anything, his approach shows you that perhaps too many artists are focused on genre dogma, instrument sport and perfectionism. This dude made some of the most influential music in metal and did so with an apparent laissez-faire, DIY attitude to recording. He was also a fairly average drummer and guitarist. So I dunno. If you want success maybe stop practicing and go burn something.

Check out the video:

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