VANDERKLEY AMPS Release New SPARTAN Head and NEOLITE Cab for the Low-End Brethren

Dutch amplifier company Vanderkley announced a pair of new products at the London Bass Guitar Show recently: the Spartan head and a 210NLT “Neolite” cabinet to match.


Says the man Marc Vanderkley himself,

The Spartan is the perfect match for my Neolite bass cabinets, which offer effortless power handling and are able to very clearly project the entire delivered range of frequencies from the amp. A key feature of the Spartan is its ability to run a 4-Ohm cabinet on each output. This allows the user to connect two 4-Ohm or four 8-Ohm cabinets to cover larger venues or stages. With this feature, and with my other design elements, the Spartan becomes a very powerful, capable bass amplifier in an extremely portable package.

The 210NLT with a killer mesh grill and red interior.

Whether you actually need a rig to fill an arena or just wanna feel like a rockstar (can bassists be rockstars too?) in your bedroom, matching a Spartan with more Neolite cabinets than you can squeeze into your sedan is a surefire way through the gates of bass rig heaven.

For a complete list of specs on both the head and cabinet, check out No Treble‘s assessment of the situation, and head over to the Vanderkley page for a proper browse of all their amp-y goodness.

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