Audio recording hardware and software manufacturer Universal Audio are getting into the pedal game with their first-ever line of pedals. Universal Audio has announced the Astra Modulation Machine modulator, Starlight Echo Station delay pedal, and Golden Reverberator reverb pedal.


All three pedals include built-in Live/Preset modes with silent switching, true/buffered bypass, analog dry-through, stereo/dual mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, and add-on downloadable effects. To drill down on the pedals a little further:

Astra Modulation Machine

  • Impeccably modeled classic 1970s Japanese bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato effects
  • Authentic studio flanger/doubler effects from vintage analog rack unit
  • Classic, inspiring tube amp tremolo with sine and square modes

Starlight Echo Station

  • Stunning emulation of iconic tape echo units, with New, Medium, and Old tape types
  • Legendary bucket-brigade analog delay effects with the color, texture, and haze of the original hardware
  • Pristine studio digital delays with flexible and inspiring modulation

Golden Reverberator

  • Three distinct tube‑driven spring reverb tanks, painstakingly selected from 1960s American guitar amps
  • Vintage German studio plate reverbs, modeled from the iconic Record Plant studio
  • Exact bit‑for‑bit late‑1970’s digital reverb algorithms from classic studio hardware

All three pedals are set to premiere this Spring and will go for an estimated $399 each.

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