UNIVERSAL AUDIO Offers Four New Single-Footswitch Stompboxes

Universal Audio is back with four brand new stompboxes to close out their summer – the Orion Tape Echo, 1176 Studio Compressor, Heavenly Plate Reverb, and the Evermore Studio Reverb.


The Orion Tape Echo offers emulation of a vintage Maestro Echoplex EP-III tape echo with selectable Mint, Worn, and Old tape modes for added grit and texture. There’s also a Wonk control for modulated repeats and tape splice sounds, as well as true/buffered bypass and preamp on/off. The Orion Tape Echo is available here for $219.

The Heavenly Plate Reverb offers 1950’s German-made studio reverb with selectable Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark, and Modern Full plate settings for endless textures. The Heavenly Plate Reverb offers Mod, Pre Delay, EQ controls for detailed sculpting; selectable true/buffered bypass, and analog dry through. The Heavenly Plate Reverb is available here for $219.

The Evermore Studio Reverb offers grainy ambient trails and modulations of the iconic late-’70s vintage digital hardware with bit-for-bit emulations of iconic Room, Small Hall, or Large Hall programs. The Evermore Studio Reverb comes with vintage-correct Bass, Mid, and Treble decay controls; Mod control for lush, grainy “early-digital” textures, selectable true/buffered bypass, short/long pre delay, and analog dry through. The Evermore Studio Reverb is available here for $219.

The 1176 Studio Compressor is built on the UAFX engine and offers authenic emulation of the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier. The 1176 Studio Compressor offers Single, Dual, and Sustain modes; Input, Output, Attack, and Release settings true to original 1176 hardware; and a Ratio knob for squashed, gritty textures. The 1176 Studio Compressor is available here for $199.

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