TWO NOTES and AUDIENT Team Up on “Sono” Audio Interface for Guitarists

Industry heavyweights Two Notes Audio Engineering and Audient have joined forces to bring us an audio interface that is specifically catered to guitar players: Sono! This little unit is essentially a guitar amplifier that doubles as a fully expandable recording interface. Inside you will find a guitar preamp strip, world-class power amp simulation, Two Notes’ legendary cab simulation, a 12ax7 preamp section, two mic preamps, full expandability, and much more.


I wouldn’t necessarily say that the wheel is being reinvented here, but this is a pretty clever little device that will no doubt be incredibly sick if Two Notes and Audient’s track records are any indicators. Check it out below:

In the words of Two Notes:

“We are immensely proud to announce that our partnership with Audient has grown stronger. After having integrated the Audient ARC hub last year, the SONO audio interface is about to be released.

It is the ultimate audio interface for guitar players. Combining an onboard 12AX7 analog valve and 3-band Tone control with our Torpedo power amp modeling and cab simulation, Sono lets you quickly create, record and store the guitar sounds you hear in your head.

Once you find a tone you love, store up to 3 presets onboard Sono and start recording your favorite tones right away, practice without the need for a laptop or even take 3 amps with you on stage!”

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