T-Rex Pedals Get Smaller, Some Look Like the Control Panel to ’80s Battlestar

Well it looks like T-Rex is changing it up and moving away from their wider, dual button pedals. They just announced ten new units, and besides the monstrously large multi-effect SoulMate pedal, and the Replay Box delay, they’re all closer to an MXR-sized unit.


Among the new smaller ones of note are the Vulture, a distortion box with what essentially looks like depth and presence controls, the Creamer, a reverb with an EQ and analog dry path, and more.

Check them out in the video below. I think the tuner looks especially sharp. I love the blocky ’80s sci-fi look of that and the SoulMate. It makes me want to blast androids with my photon gun.

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  • I do not trust those little switches on the face of my pedal. Too easy to step on and break!

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