TOONTRACK Releases Singer-Songwriter EKX For EZKeys2

Toontrack has just dropped a brand new expansion for their EZkeys 2 software, the all-new Singer-Songwriter EKX. The Singer-Songwriter EKX features a Schimmel upright piano from the 1970s recorded through a Neve 8068 console at the renowned RMV Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Singer-Songwriter EKX was recorded using different microphone configurations, meaning users can select between:

  • Piano hammers/front: AKG 414 (stereo pair). To capture a “player’s perspective” of sorts, the mics were placed facing the hammers and strings at the front of the piano.
  • Back of the piano: U47 FET (stereo pair). These classic studio staple mics were aimed at the back of the piano and present a nice contrast to the more distinct-sounding mics positioned at the front of it.
  • Iso booth window glass: Thuresson CM402 (stereo pair). To create an interesting diffusion bouncing back from the hard-surface glass, these mics were placed behind the piano and pointed to the iso booth window.

The Singer-Songwriter EKX includes a selection of mix-ready presets inspired by a broad definition of the genre, as well as a basic library of MIDI. Get it here for $89.

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