TOONTRACK Releases New CLASSIC ROCK EZX Pack for EZDrummer 2

There is no living engineer with a resumé anything close to Eddie Kramer – the Beatles, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, the Kinks, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, Carlos Santana – a literal who’s who of classic rock. Toontrack has teamed up with this legend to produce the two releases from earlier this year, Legacy of Rock SDX for Superior Drummer 3, and the Classic Rock SBX for EZBass – and now there’s a new one for EZDrummer 2.


Umeå, Sweden, September 22, 2020.
Today, Toontrack released the Classic Rock EZX, an expansion for EZdrummer 2 featuring two kits as well as several additional instruments and extras derived from the Legacy of Rock SDX recorded by Eddie Kramer at AIR Studios in London, UK. The SDX, which is an expansion for Superior Drummer 3, was released earlier in the month to massive praise from users.

About the Classic Rock EZX
The Classic Rock EZX comes with two kits as well as several additional instruments and extras derived from the Legacy of Rock SDX, an expansion for Superior Drummer 3 recorded by legendary engineer/producer Eddie Kramer at AIR Studios in London, UK.

Heavily inspired by Eddie Kramer’s work with primarily Led Zeppelin, all aspects of this EZX were designed to provide the ultimate source for instant classic rock gold – the choice of drum kits, the presets and the MIDI. This EZX simply bursts loud, reverberant rock from the onset and out. ‘The Amber Kit,’ which represents a reproduction of the acrylic kit that John Bonham used during the now-historic “The Song Remains the Same” recordings in 1976, has a truly unique, open-sounding and blaring tone. To contrast, ‘The Sparkle Kit,’ also a homage to a setup frequently used by Bonham in several classic sessions, presents a more traditional tonal palette while still offering that mandatory, deafening rock sound. In other words, two perfect kits for classic rock – engineered to perfection by the man who helped shape its very essence.

Even though rock may shift, change and take on new paths, one thing is perfectly certain: the drums remain the same – big, obnoxious and loud. If you’re looking to produce grooves that don’t make any excuses, you’re in luck. Welcome to the sound of rumbling thunder and an EZX literally chock-full of rock.

• Two complete drum kits, tailored for a big, reverberant classic rock sound
• Recorded by Eddie Kramer at AIR Studios in London, UK
• Inspired by Eddie’s work with classic rock bands and drummers of the ’60s and ’70s, particularly Led Zeppelin and John Bonham
• Includes extras such as timpani, a gong and several kit pieces
• Includes drums sampled with sticks, mallets and snare wires off
• A broad selection of presets for an instant mix-ready sound
• A collection of drum MIDI grooves and fills also inspired by Eddie’s illustrious classic rock discography

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