TOONTRACK Releases Metal Mix Buses EZmix Pack

Toontrack has unveiled their Metal Mix Buses EZmix Pack, a new expansion for EZmix 2.


Featuring a total of 50 meticulously crafted custom signal chain presets for drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals, this collection of mix-ready settings for EZmix 2 was designed to optimize and maximize the impact of each instrument group in your production before they all hit the final mix bus. Whether you’re looking for a setting that makes your orchestral keys arrangement stand out, one that removes fizz and enhances your guitars, one that makes your drums punch through or one that optimizes the dynamics of your bass channels – with this pack they’re all just a mouse click away.

The Metal Mix Buses EZmix Pack features:

  • 50 individually engineered signal chain presets for EZmix 2
  • By Thomas “Plec” Johansson, one of Sweden’s premier mastering and mixing engineers
  • Specifically tailored for hard-hitting metal productions
  • Settings for drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals
  • Each signal chain designed to solve a problem or attain a goal

Get it here for $39. You can also check out Toontrack’s extensive amount of sales going on here.

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