TOONTRACK Releases New Drum Beats MIDI Pack!

Our friends at Toontrack have just announced their newest addition to their line of MIDI packs: Drum Beats! This simple-yet-effective pack features tons of Toontrack-quality drum beats to help users craft songs in any style imaginable — from disco and afrobeat to dubstep and pop. Check it!


The pack features:

  • Drum grooves for a wide range of styles
  • Perfect for any type of diverse songwriting or composition
  • Played by drummer Darby Todd
  • More than 350 individually played drum beats performed in four bars each
  • 4/4 and 6/8 in straight and/or swing with tempos ranging from 51 BPM to 210 BPM
  • Each tempo/song contains up to five different variations of each beat
  • Styles that include: Four on the floor, pop, afrobeat, breakbeats, dancehall, disco, drum ’n’ bass, dubstep, hip-hop (old-school), hip-hop (modern), jazzy, Latin, pocket, roots, trap

From Toontrack:

“In much of modern music, the drums are not about intricate grooves or elaborate drum solo-like fills – they’re rather about serving as a steady backbone, delivering sturdy variations of the same beat throughout the song. This is exactly what the Drum Beats MIDI pack provides: a plethora of basic but inspirational four-bar grooves for a near-endless variety of styles. Regardless of whether you’re writing a modern four-on-the-floor-based pop anthem, an old-school hip-hop track or a laid-back jazz-inspired song, this collection of MIDI will make sure you’ll never skip a beat when you’re in the creative zone. Jump seamlessly between styles, mix, match, change and rearrange. Let nothing but your own creative imagination set the limits. Start writing!”

Head over to the Toontrack website to pick yours up for the discounted starting price of only $23 USD! Be sure to also check out the rest of what the company has to offer, as their “New Year, New Gear” website-wide sale is still going strong!

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