Whether or not you realize it (and all Glenn Fricker Rule #2 jokes aside), bass is the foundation of a solid metal mix. A good bass tone will get you MUCH further in creating a solid mix than anything else. I’ve used the EZMix 2 guitar packs for a long time, and they always have good bass tones coupled with them – but I’ve always longed for a dedicated bass tone pack.

Today, Toontrack announced the release of the Metal Bass Beasts EZmix Pack, a collection of unique bass tones for EZmix 2 featuring four influential bass players of the metal scene: Tobin Esperance (Papa Roach), Evan Brewer (Entheos), Josh Paul (ex-Suicidal Tendencies) and Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne). This marks the fourth release so far in November for Toontrack’s ongoing Metal Month.

About the Metal Bass Beasts EZmix Pack
Tobin Esperance (Papa Roach), Evan Brewer (Entheos), Josh Paul (ex-Suicidal Tendencies) and Ryan Martinie (ex-Mudvayne). Four top players from completely different ends of the scene deliver a collection of bass tones showcasing an incredible width. From tube-sizzling heavy rock tones and loud, distorted hi-gain metal settings to the complexly textured, mellow and organic. The Metal Bass Beasts EZmix Pack pinpoints the essence of rock and metal bass today and gives you a vast library of unique one-click settings, tailored for songs where the bass is all but just a frequency.
Let your bass speak. Unleash the beasts.

• Approx. 50 bass settings based on amp and cab simulation
• Tones tailored for heavy rock and metal
• Modeled and EQ-matched directly from the artists’ personal tones
• Tones for distorted, clean and slap bass
Find more information, interviews, audio demos and videos here.

Metal Month deals
Starting on November 1, Toontrack will offer added-value deals on EZdrummer 2, EZkeys and EZmix 2 as well as massive discounts on EZX expansions, SDX expansions, EZkeys Sound Expansions and EZmix 6 Pack bundles. All deals will be active from November 1. A complete overview is available here.

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  • If you want to sound like Ryan Martinie, buy a Warwick Thumb and steal his techniques, cause that’s all there is. He doesn’t really use pedals, and towards the end of his time with Mudvayne he was just running a clean preamp to the house PA; no cabs or amps.

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