TOONTRACK Launches Gospel EBX EZBass Expansion for Maximum Grooviness

“Gospel chops” are a very specific and very difficult level of bass to properly master. Thanks to Toontrack and their Gospel EBX expansion for the EZBass program, you can have all that gospel goodness in your music without ever developing a single callous (or having to deal with bassists).


The Gospel EBX is an expansion for EZBass (which means you need EZBass before you’re using this one) that has been meticulously sampled with finger and slap articulations in both the bridge and neck positions, includes a wealth of presets for a broad range of gospel-inspired tones, includes a custom MIDI library inspired by traditional and modern gospel music, and comes with a Clean DI preset option so you can develop your own tones.

The Gospel EBX was recorded entirely with an MTD USA 535 Andrew Gouche AG5, which Magnus Melkersson, EZbass lead R&D technician, said “displays the apex of craftsmanship. Playing it literally feels like driving a new high-end car.” It also looks really nice, said me right now in this post.

The Gospel EBX expansion is available now for $79.

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